Sakura (桜)


For months I’ve been thinking of having a tattoo. I’ve been considering having sakura permanently etched at my lower back. Sakura is the Japanese term for cherry tree or cherry blossom- a cultural icon in Japan. But aside from the picture/drawing of the real thing, I think having the kanji of sakura tattooed on your body could also be a good idea.

Sakura is written in Kanji as


It is a 10-strokes kanji, probably one of the most beautifully elaborate kanji I’ve known.

Right now I’m still gathering up the courage to go for it(tattoo). :b

The picture of sakura above was taken February 2009. Winter season was almost over then and it was pre-spring. We were driving when we suddenly found a cherry tree by the side of the road so we pulled off and stopped for while to appreciate its beauty.

Sakura (flower) viewing in Japan is called Hanami 花見.

If you are a tourist wanting to see sakura in Japan, I suggest using the following sentences in asking a Japanese local for a place to go.


Sakura o mitai no desu ga, doko e ikeba ii desu ka?

I would like to see cherry blossoms. Where should I go?



Ohanami o shitai no desu ga, doko e ikeba ii desu ka?

I would like to go cherry blossom(flower) viewing. Where should I go?


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